Saastamoinen Foundation has awarded grants in the range of €1.5 million to €6.5 million a year in recent years. The amount of support distributed within the domains of art and science each year is constantly increasing.

On the science side, the University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University School of Business and the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Art Helsinki are the main beneficiaries of the Foundation’s support. About 70% of the total funds available is allocated to science. Over the years, the Foundation has enabled scientific research relating to subjects such as water, bioinformatics, stem cells, environmental change, bioeconomy and epilepsy.

As for fine arts and business studies, the Foundation has promoted internationalisation and international networking by enabling visits by lecturers and professors and by supporting exchange programme and residency activities.

The Foundation’s mission also includes maintaining and developing its art collection, thereby supporting artists in Finland and internationally. It also also supports (inter alia) children’s cultural projects, selected sport-related projects and Finnish filmmakers.

How to apply for grants

In matters relating to the grant application process, please email the Foundation at

Applicants studying or working at Aalto University Business School, the University of Eastern Finland or the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Arts Helsinki can obtain more information about the application process at their own university from the grant office or from their professor or supervisor.

Photo: Jan van Eyck Academy, Valokuvaaja: Werner Mantz Lab, Van Eyck