Academy of Fine Arts

Can art make Finland world famous?

Art cannot exist through inspiration alone, it requires commitment and investment in art education. Emerging talent must be nurtured if artists are to achieve international renown.

Saastamoinen Foundation firmly supports the Academy of Fine Arts’ internationalisation programme, especially its Prognostics and Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote Lecture Series, the residency programme for fine arts graduates and the mentoring programme for MFA-students.

Photo: Petteri Summanen, ©Kuvataideakatemia

The prognostics lecture series addresses cutting edge art world topics

The Prognostics lecture series explores trending areas of new art and new forms of creating and displaying it which not only challenge established forms of art, but also shake up social norms and political thinking.

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Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote lecture series – promoting the internationalisation of art

Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote lecture series is an important element in the Academy of Fine Arts’ internationalisation programme. The series focuses among other things on the possibilities and role of art education in the pursuit of democracy

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Mentoring programme for MFA-students

The Academy of Fine Arts’ international mentoring programme puts into practice a new kind of supervision and teaching model where internationally successful artists support the growth of students into artists and help them also to develop in an

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Residencies in Finland

The Resident Fellow programme serves as a meeting place for Academy of Fine Arts’ students, teachers and visiting artists and writers in residence. The programme brings international artists and writers to work in the proximity of the Academy of

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Residencies Abroad

Supported by Saastamoinen Foundation, the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Art Helsinki launched an alumni residency programme for graduates from the Academy. The programme provides artists with grants to continue studies in

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