Other grants

The Foundation’s support transcends the boundaries of art and science

Saastamoinen Foundation is both genuinely international and proudly rooted in Kuopio. The values laid out by the Foundation’s founders still guide us today in actively supporting causes within and without universities and the art community.

We believe in young people, in locality and in a future full of new experiences. This is why we support causes such as children’s cultural projects, selected sports-related organisations and Finnish filmmakers, not to forget other important causes such as lake rescue operations and cultural projects relating to the history of the Saastamoinen family business in the village of Syvänniemi.

Photo: Kimmo Syväri

Support for Kuopio Football

Kuopio Football Club KuPS, supporters’ cry of “Banzai” often echoes around football grounds. Both the cry and the football club itself rank among the most traditional and best-known in Finland.

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Support for rescue operations in Finnish waterways

Sea rescue operations are an excellent example of valuable collaboration between the private and public sectors. This important work is widely supported by many foundations and business life.

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A model village replicates a 1920s industrial environment

The village of Syvänniemi lies on the shore of lake Kuttajärvi, about half an hour’s drive from the centre of Kuopio. Syvänniemi shares a long and remarkable history with the Saastamoinen industrial family behind Saastamoinen Foundation.

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Lastenkulttuurikeskus Lastu sparks a passion for art in the younger generation

Saastamoinen Foundation’s goal is to also promote children’s experiences. With the Foundation’s support, Lastenkulttuurikeskus Lastu, a children’s culture centre operating in the Pohjois-Savo region sparks a passion in local children.

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The Unknown Soldier

Aku Louhimies’ film The Unknown Soldier will premier in October 2017. This new version of The Unknown Soldier bridges the generation gap. It is a phenomenon that tells a great Finnish story.

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Builders of the Century Foundations coming together for the common good

Foundations coming together for the common good. At its autumn meeting in 2014, the Council of Finnish Foundations (COFF) decided to make a joint gift to Finland as the country celebrates a centenary of independence.

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Call for residencies

The Saastamoinen Foundations has cooperated with Perpetuum Mobile ry since 2017 in co-hosting residencies for international artists in Helsinki, Finland.

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