The Business of Culture Program

The culture industry is growing fast. At the same time, changing social, economic and technological trends create new challenges and impact the public’s way of consuming and experiencing culture. The changing environment is also reflected on the way art is produced and created. In order to strengthen culture’s position in society, leaders in creative industries must learn managerial skills that help them make an impact within and outside their organizations. This calls for a new leadership mindset.

Saastamoinen Foundation supports the Business of Culture Program by Aalto EE, which aims to increase and develop the understanding of creative professionals on how to renew organizations with efficient leadership and business acumen. The program also dives into what the future holds for art and culture – what is the value of culture in the increasingly digital world and will the identity of the industry change? Will experiencing art and culture become one of the few experiences that cannot be automated in the future? The program studies these questions from multiple perspectives, such as innovations, leadership, design and strategy.

The foundation’s support enables five students to participate in the program.  Other supporters of the program include for example the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and the Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The program is executed in collaboration with the Gothenburg University School of Executive Education and Sweden’s largest art and design museum Nationalmuseum.


Aalto EE Business of Culture Program blog:

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Photos: Aalto EE