Overview of the foundation

Saastamoinen Foundation has firmly anchored itself in Finnish society by promoting the work of those active in the fields of science and art, and by extending new networks both in Finland and internationally.

Some facts about Saastamoinen Foundation

The Foundation was:

  • Established as a general cultural foundation in 1968
  • Founded by Liisa and Osmo P. Karttunen
  • Originally domiciled in Kuopio, with an office in Helsinki


  • The Board of Directors comprises seven members
  • The Foundation is a member of COFF – the Council of Finnish Foundations
  • It employs 6 people
  • In 2022, the annual grants awarded amounted to €6,5 million
  • Its investment portfolio totals €220 million in 2022
  • Its art collection, which currently comprises of approximately 2700 works from Finnish and international artists, is constantly growing
  • Its art collection is on display at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, where 5,000 m² of exhibition space receive up to 170,000 visitors each year.

Saastamoinen Foundation’s mission is to:

  • Maintain, develop and exhibit the Foundation’s art collection and by doing so to support art and artists both in Finland and internationally.
  • Ensure the Foundation’s art collection is on permanent display and actively developed.
  • Provide support and distribute grants for scientific research and education. The Foundation works in collaboration with the University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University and the Academy of Arts at the University of Arts Helsinki. The Foundation’s key aim is to promote international research, education and networking.
  • Manage the Foundation’s assets to enable it to carry out and develop its mission far into the future.

Saastamoinen Foundation’s values are

  • Transparency and internationalisation. The Foundation promotes international and transparent collaboration in all its activities.
  • The Foundation is an expert in its field and perseveres in the mission it has outlined.
  • The Foundation is proud of its roots, yet has its eyes firmly set on the future. The Foundation is committed to long-term work that benefits society through the promotion of science and art.

Saastamoinen Foundation’s target groups are

  • Artists and researchers
  • Universities
  • Art museums, art professionals and art lovers
  • Schoolchildren and the youth
  • Foundations, funds and similar enablers

Photo: Iiris Heikka, EMMA