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Saastamoinen Foundation supports research projects that enable major scientific and commercial breakthroughs in Finland. Currently, the Foundation's support enables important scientific work on Water research, Epilepsy research and Forest Bioeconomy research.

The grant programs jointly funded by the Saastamoinen Foundation, the Fulbright Finland Foundation, and the University of Eastern Finland bring top researchers in the fields of health sciences and environmental sciences from the U.S. to the University of Eastern Finland, and simultaneously open opportunities to enhance the networks forteaching and research between Finland and the U.S.


Photo: Kimmo Syväri, University of Eastern Finland

National epilepsy information pool for Finland

A national epilepsy information pool is to be created in Finland, helping both the individual treatment of epilepsy and international research aimed at developing cures.

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The Forest Bioeconomy is vital to Finland’s future success

Forest Bioeconomy Programme at the University of Eastern Finland aims to promote growth of the bioeconomy and new innovations in the utilisation of wood-based materials.

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The Fulbright-Saastamoinen Grant

The grant programme brings top-level researchers in health and environmental sciences to the University of Eastern Finland whilst opening up opportunities to develop collaboration networks in education and research between Finland and the United

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University research sprouts growth companies

A university’s core tasks include research and teaching. However, research findings are also honed into a considerable number of commercial ideas and successful businesses.

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Grants enabling researchers to internationalise

Since 1987, grants provided by Saastamoinen Foundation have opened the doors to a successful international career for many of the University of Eastern Finland’s researchers and alumni.

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Promoting environmental health and climate change research

Cross-discipline environmental health research studies the impact of the environment on health. Mega trends, such as urbanisation and climate change, impact on health hazards in the environment.

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Bioinformatics is part of future healthcare

Bioinformatics seeks to improve the quality of human life by studying how genes and lifestyle impact on health.

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