The Foundation’s values guide investing activities

The Foundation’s financial management and investment strategies aim to ensure the continuation of the Foundation’s activities now and in the future. Values such as perseverance and ambition combine with expertise to guide investing activities.

The Foundation’s Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the careful management of assets in accordance with an investment plan that is approved each year. The Foundation’s finances and investments are continuously tracked. The Foundation’s Board of Directors looks at the current state of investments and the market at each Board meeting.

Saastamoinen Foundation’s key figures in 2022:

  • Balance sheet total €174 million
  • Grants €6.5 million
  • Value of investment portfolio €220 million

Investment policy and portfolio

The purpose of Saastamoinen Foundation’s investment strategy is to ensure consistent and systematic management of the Foundation’s investment assets, so as to ensure that the portfolio generates revenue necessary for running the Foundation. The

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Saastamoinen Foundation has awarded grants in the range of €1.5 million to €6.5 million a year in recent years. The amount of support distributed within the domains of art and science each year is constantly increasing. On the science side, the

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