Tree saplings planted by the 4H youth grow Finland’s carbon sinks

Taimiteko is an initiative launched by the Finnish 4H Organisation and Best-Caravan aiming to create 10,000 hectares of new forest in Finland by 2030. The goal is to grow carbon sinks in areas that have been out of active agricultural use for decades. Carbon sinks consisting of forests are good for soaking up carbon dioxide emissions, as they are long-lasting and active. Companies can participate in the initiative and compensate their emissions by paying for the planted saplings. The Taimiteko website offers a calculator for the companies to calculate how many saplings are needed to compensate their emissions.

The initiative is spearheaded by the 4H organisation, which aims to prevent social exclusion of children and youth by providing versatile activities. Themes related to life management, social skills, sustainability and well-being are an essential part of the activities provided by the 4H organisation. The Taimiteko initiative employs and activates youth across Finland by recruiting and training them to plant saplings. The youth get paid for the saplings they plant as they simultaneously learn about nature, the importance of forests and sustainable development. For many, planting the saplings is also their first summer job.

Saastamoinen Foundation supports the project with EUR 180,000 during the years 2024 and 2025. The funding allows for the planting of 60,000 new saplings and thus creates 30 hectares of new forest, as well as employs Finnish youth for approximately 600 working hours.


Photo: Tiina Rinne