Gutsy Go – Make Peace Visible

50,000 youth armed with mobile phones and a hive mind. Modern-day peace troops don’t march or write manifestos, but instead give birth to real-world solutions that are globally scalable. Gutsy Go is an action media and training method designed to reshape how we think of peace, young people, and our ability to make an impact on society.

Designed by Finnish educators and media professionals in collaboration with students, Gutsy Go’s method prevents polarization and isolation among middle schoolers by promoting the experience and power of taking action and getting involved with their communities first-hand. The program challenges all eighth graders to develop and execute good deeds in their hometowns and reinforces positive social interactions, trust and well-being for all.

The students record their actions using mobile phones; following the Gutsy Go training week, their videos are published online and screened at local premieres. Their peace initiatives become visible across social media and serve as an inspiration for the entire country. By utilizing media, the students’ societal potential is presented to hundreds of thousands of people.

Gutsy Go is the recipient of the most prestigious innovation award in Finland: Builders of the Century. In the competition, Saastamoinen foundation together with other Finnish foundations sought out significant solutions to prevent youth-specific isolation. With help from Saastamoinen foundation, thousands of Finnish students have experienced the meaningful results of peace building. With over 50 stories in the mass media, Gutsy Go has reached more than a million Finns. Now, Gutsy Go aims to train the entire age group of 14-year-olds in Finland, totaling 50,000 students.

Gutsy Go’s official partners include the Finnish Ministry of Justice, Finnish foundations, Medical Association Duodecim, Finnish Youth Research Society, Mental Health Association, Child Welfare Association, and various Finnish schools and city governments. Gutsy Go is one of the winners of the European Crime Prevention Award, Preventative Substance Abuse Award and a multiple winner of the Shortland Media Awards.

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