Studying on the Aalto MBA and Executive MBA programs provides students with the insight and capacity necessary for the leadership and decision-making of the future. On the EMBA program, the focus is placed on strategy and leadership in a global operating environment. MBA studies at Aalto EE strengthen both business expertise and problem-solving and leadership skills.

The support of the Saastamoinen Foundation plays a key role in both programs, ensuring lifelong learning in leadership and strengthening internationalism. The Foundation supports MBA studies by issuing grants to the best students and ensuring annual international student exchanges to the program’s 130 partner universities. Furthermore, the Foundation allows EMBA and MBA students to undertake study visits each year, to learn from professors at Harvard in Boston and Stanford in Palo Alto.

Saastamoinen Foundation MBA scholarship 2018 Aku Wilenius, Caidio:

The MBA programs produce highly promising start-up businesses. For Aku Wilenius, the Aalto MBA paved the way to entrepreneurship. Developing a startup whilst undertaking MBA studies allows students the opportunity to put everything they are learning straight into practice. Wilenius’s company’s first pilot projects have since been launched in Finland and China.

Saastamoinen Foundation MBA scholarship 2017, Kevin Eboigbodin, Orion Diagnostica Oy

“Science is naturally the bedrock and foundation of creating any drug or diagnostic test. But at the end of the day, someone needs to buy your product. Marketing, finance, HR - all these are needed to achieve this end”, explains Kevin Eboigbodin. “Once you advance to a leadership position, it is important to step outside your comfort zone and broaden your perspective quite a lot.” Eboigbodin adds.

Saastamoinen Foundation MBA scholarship 2016, Saku Viita-aho, Futurice:

Saku Viita-aho explains that his MBA studies helped him understand and compare different sectors and business logics at a global level far beyond anything he expected. “I can now reflect on business decisions with much greater confidence and competence.” Viita-aho partook in a student exchange in Seattle in the spring of 2018, where he studied the likes of marketing and the social impact of entrepreneurship. “The teaching had great strengths both in Finland and in the US. That this opportunity exists is a wonderful thing.”

Photo: Kimmo Syväri, Aalto EE.