Anni Puolakka: Diamond Belly

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02.06.2020 - 27.09.2020

Anni Puolakka’s video piece Diamond Belly (2018) examines love and companionship between a human, a bot and mosquitoes. The video is based on a conversation between a human and an AI-based chatbot. In her works, Puolakka often combines the methods of fine arts, theatre, performance and cinema, and creates fictional worlds by using autobiographical and documentary content.

Anni Puolakka (b. 1983) is a Finnish artist based in Helsinki and Rotterdam. Puolakka’s works often deal with the boundaries and potential of humans as they seek to connect with other beings. Their work has been exhibited e.g. in Kim? (Riga), No Moon (NYC), Bunkier Sztuki (Krakow), Le Lieu Unique (Nantes), Kiasma Museum of Modern Art (Helsinki), and Performance Space (Sydney).

Photo: Diamond Belly, 2018. Video still. © Anni Puolakka

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