Video work Diamond Belly by Anni Puolakka on display at EMMA

Anni Puolakka's work is on display in the media space of Touch exhibition. Staged as a conversation with an artificial intelligence chatbot, Diamond Belly explores love and companionship between a human artist, the bot and mosquitoes. The human offers their body as a nourishing 'baguette' to the diamond-bellied mosquitoes, envisioning the flies' bio-chemistry in complementary with their own haematic cycle. The piece is on display during 02.06. - 27.09.2020.

Anni Puolakka is a visual and performance artist based in Helsinki and Rotterdam. They incorporate biographical and documentary materials into fictional worlds in videos, performances, videos installations and images. The works play with the boundaries and potential of humans as they seek meaningful and vibrant - sometimes drowsy or ambivalent - involvement with other beings and materials. Puolakka’s work is often collaborative and situated between visual art, performance, theater and cinema. Their works have recently been shown at Kim? (Riga), No Moon (NYC), Bunkier Sztuki (Krakow), Le Lieu Unique (Nantes), Kiasma Museum of Modern Art (Helsinki), and Performance Space (Sydney).

Diamond Belly is displayed in the Touch exhibition, which presents Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection. The exhibition showcases current Finnish and international contemporary art, with a core focus on humanity.


Asta Teräväinen, Communications Coordinator, Tel. +358 44 7601930

Photo: Diamond Belly, 2018. Video still. © Anni Puolakka