Martha Rosler

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Martha Rosler (b. 1943) is an artist and activist who has addressed social issues in her art since the 1960s.She is best known for her photographs, photo montages and videos whose themes often are pacifist, feminist or consumer-critical.In her montages, Rosler has juxtaposed advertising material from newspapers with images of war, both in the 1970s and during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s.In spite of the dark themes, Rosler’s work is full of humour, parody and even satire.She continues her fight against social injustice, and in her most recent works she has also targeted such figures as Donald Trumpfor criticism.Rosler has also written extensively about photography in art.

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Keynote lecture (vimeo)

Image: Point n’ Shoot, 2016-2018 ©Martha Rosler

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