Andrea Giunta

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What We can or Cannot See in Latin American Art

04.02.2020 18:00 - 20:00

Exhibition Laboratory

Argentinian Andrea Giunta is an art historian, curator, researcher and professor who has published extensively on Latin American and international art, memory and politics, and the power of images – in particular Picasso’s Guernica – as well as gender and feminism in art. Giunta is chief curator of the Mercosul Biennial, to be held at Porto Alegre in 2020 on the theme of the relations between art, feminisms and emancipation. Mercosul Biennial is one of the most important contemporary art biennials in Latin America. The subject of Giunta’s lecture is the peripheries of art in Latin America. The canon of Latin American art is seen as white and masculine, and it often excludes art by women and by artists of indigenous or African descent. This issue gains added urgency from the growing ascendancy of right-wing populism in Latin America today. The lecture will also feature artworks by Afro-Brazilian artist Rosana Paulino and by Maruch Santíz Gómez, an artist of the indigenous Tzotzil people in Mexico.

Keynote lecture (vimeo)

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