Saara Ekström & Eero Tammi: Biblion

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28.10.2020 - 09.01.2022

Saara Ekström and Eero Tammi´s media work Biblion (2019) is a video installation examining the role of book as a medium that preserves and carries information. The work explores the book through its hypnotic and layered essence – the knowledge found on its pages is changing, disappearing and growing. The weight of the piles of books ending up in libraries, second-hand bookshops, storages and landfills carries with it also the weight of our history and heritage. A book can be an irreplaceable treasure to one, and an unnecessary burden to another.

Biblion is the result of Saara Ekström’s and Eero Tammi’s collaboration. Ekström’s works often feature themes of change, destruction and growth, as well as the controversial need to both forget and remember. In her art, Ekström often combines film, photographs, text and installation. Eero Tammi is a film editor, who has also produced and directed short films as well as worked as a scriptwriter. Tammi and Ekström began collaborating already in 2015.

Video installation: Saara Ekström & Eero Tammi, Biblion, 2019 © EMMA

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