EMMA Museum

Creative collaboration continues

Contemporary art never stands still. It is in constant dialogue with modernism and history. It is at this confluence that EMMA-Espoo Museum of Modern Art and Saastamoinen Foundation are also active.

Works owned by Saastamoinen Foundation form the cornerstone of EMMA’s art collection. The permanent art collection and carefully assembled temporary exhibitions provide the public with unrivalled art experiences time and again.


Each of us has our own way of experiencing art. The experience can be shared and serve as a channel to connect with another person. Art may touch us at the emotional, cognitive or communication level – it is not always possible to put the

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Earlier collection exhibitions at EMMA

After the opening in 2006, works were hung in the form of theme exhibitions. The purpose of the exhibitions was to use works representing different periods and art forms in the collection to explore the theme of colour.

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Collection opening exhibition

Works from Saastamoinen Foundation’s art collection were first hung at EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art in October 2006, when the museum opened to the public.

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Between the wolf and the dog / Entre chien et loup exhibition (2008–2011) explored the broad spectrum of shades of grey.

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Punainen / Rött / Red exhibition (2010–2012) Some 40 works of art highlighted the diversity of the colour red ranging from shades of pink to caput mortum.

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The world in a box — assemblage by Juhani Harri. The exhibition of assemblage and collages was created from the Foundation’s extensive Harri collection and the collection of a private collector deposited with Pori Art Museum.

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Events in Nature (2013–2015) presented landscapes of contemporary art and themes from nature based on works in the Foundation’s collection.

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