Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote 2023

The Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote focuses on the critical social topics that are key to future business development on social and environmental responsibility, radical creativity, entrepreneurship, and ownership. The lecture series is carried out in cooperation with Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development (Aalto EE).


The Wallenberg Ecosystem - Active Ownership and Long-Term Commitment

On Monday 24 April 2023, Saastamoinen Foundation and its partner Aalto EE hosted a Keynote Lecture with Mr. Peter Wallenberg Jr., the Chair of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and several other family foundations. Also, Director of the Board of Atlas Copco and Scania as well as Chair of Grand Hôtel Stockholm.

After the keynote there was a discussion with Peter Wallenberg Jr. and two members of the 6th generation. The discussion was moderated by board professional Mr. Karri Kaitue.

The audience comprised professionals from the Finnish business, finance world, and from family businesses as well as students from Aalto University and Hanken School of Economics.


Find out more about the Wallenberg family here.

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Comment article on the Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote 2023:

”Sharing is caring” – Wallenbergs

Karri Kaitue

Everybody recognizes the name. It is as mystique as Medici, Rockefeller, Agnelli, or Rothschild. In their maiden-voyage joint appearance in front of a live audience, the Family’s 5th and 6th generation shared their learned wisdom and heritage at the Aalto University Töölö, Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote 2023 event on April 24th  in Helsinki. Everybody was taken. Everyone learned some. There was nothing but a genuine spirit of sharing visible.

The Wallenberg ecosystem is profoundly predicated on the joint course of creating wealth while the family members are not direct owners or beneficiaries of the very same. Their sphere of foundations are granting annually about SEK 2,6 billion to wide range of academic purposes while ensuring that the underlying machinery performs. This is like a utopia: hardly comprehendible, almost beyond imagination.

There is no secret formula. It is about engagement and involvement. It is about sharing values and ensuring an ability to meet the requirement of change. Nobody is imposed, but everybody is welcomed. And doing so the Family strives on. Recognizing that “To move from the old to what is about to come is the only tradition worth keeping".

The political scenery imposes threats, but the view remains forever optimistic: collaboration between constituents will only surface more strongly in its' relative importance at the times of difficulties. The role of the family changes, as does society, but value-sharing remains a source of force. And: this yield returns which again play to the benefit of all. Mastering business enables mastering academia, and this benefits society. Wallenberg’s remain extremely patriotic.

As there is no scientific manifestation or “rule of law”, we remain at awe. The set up can hardly be “copy-pasted”. At the same time, we left the occasion while understanding that there remains something extraordinary. Thank you for sharing. Sharing is caring.

LL.Lic. Karri Kaitue is a Finnish Executive and Board professional, and investor who is currently the Chairman of the Board of Alexandria Bank and holds several different board positions internationally. Kaitue has been a Director at Ekokem Ltd and Deputy Managing Director at Outokumpu Ltd.

Kaitue’s current positions of trust are Chairman of the Board at Marinetek Group Ltd since 2021, Emilie Capital Ltd since 2018 and Filtra Group Ltd since 2020, and Board member in Elcoline Group Ltd since 2020, Suomen Messut Ltd since 2021, and Off Councel in Nunziante Magrone, Rome, Italy, since 2021.

His former key positions of trust have been in the Chair of CapMan Oyj, Destia Oyj, Feon Oyj, the Board member of, Okmetic Oyj, Cargotec Oyj. Additionally, he has chaired the Finland University of the Arts. Among his extensive experience in manufacturing, technology and financial industries and legal field he also has a close experience and interest in the arts.

This article is part of the Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote 2023 event. The main speaker was Mr. Peter Wallenberg Jr. Moderated discussion was led by Mr. Kaitue with P. Wallenberg Jr. and Wallenberg 6th generation. Mr. Kaitue moderates the Saastamoinen Foundation Keynote series in collaboration with the Saastamoinen Foundation and the Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development.



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