Application procedure for grants and forms of collaboration

Saastamoinen Foundation engages in purposeful collaboration with several partners in the fields of science, education, art and culture. It promotes internationality and openness in all its activities.

Regarding the distribution of grants, the mission of the Saastamoinen Foundation is to:

The guidelines governing collaboration and the distribution of grants at the Saastamoinen Foundation are simple and straightforward. While giving its partners a great deal of responsibility, the Foundation retains the power of decision making in all situations with the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Regular meetings with partners are used to discuss ongoing projects and the focus areas of future grants.

The Foundation seeks to promote internationalisation and openness in all its operations and to promote the focus areas defined with its partners.

The focus in grant distribution is increasingly on large individual investments and long-term projects to which the Foundation commits in a time frame of 3-5 years.

Saastamoinen Foundation aims to be a significant facilitator of artistic work. With regard to grants for the arts, the mission of the Foundation is to promote the international visibility of Finnish visual art and publishing in this area. The Foundation collaborates with EMMA - Espoo Museum of Modern Art and with artists, art lovers, and other art museums.

The Foundation’s main partners in the field of science and education are the University of Eastern Finland, Aalto University, and the Academy of Fine Arts at Uniarts Helsinki, and applicants from these institutions. The Foundation’s important stakeholders also include other universities, higher education institutes and their researchers and students.

The Foundation is also involved in other projects, such as the innovative education project  Me & MyCity, for children and young people, and the impact campaign of director Aku Louhimies’s movie The Unknown Soldier. Saastamoinen also works with other foundations and is involved in the Builders of the Century project.

Distribution of grants

The Board of the Foundation has 6-8 meetings per year, and grants are considered in two of them (February and August).

In all matters concerning the application of grants, please contact the Foundation by email:

Students and staff in the Aalto University School of Economy, University of Eastern Finland and the Academy of Fine Arts at University of the Arts Helsinki are advised to seek additional information regarding the application process from the relevant office of their own school or their closest professor or superior.

Photo: Kimmo Syväri, Aalto EE