Developing of Management Education

Saastamoinen Foundation collaborates with Aalto EE to advance management education in various fields.

Future Artpreneurship Project 2020-2022

The task of the Future Artpreneurship was to develop learning solutions for learners at all professional levels, with Nordic and Baltic dimension.

Through learning development Aalto EE and Aalto University wants to strengthen the creative industries through diversity in the workforce, fostering new approaches to networking and management, attention to emerging business skills, and a consistent focus on sustainable economic activity. Furthermore, the task is to enable new employment opportunities and social inclusion for creative sector professionals in a vibrant, increasingly multicultural, and globally connected society.

Leading Radical Creativity in Ecosystems Project 2023-2024

Creativity is an essential part of a culture of innovation. Creating a successful future for organizations and individuals in a rapidly changing world requires radically creative mindsets and courage to think outside the box.

The focus on an individual level in creative practices needs to be brought to the attention of self-organizing teams, shared and distributed leadership, and innovation networks and ecosystems in management education.

This project aims to develop and search for future models, learning solutions, and tools in next generation management education for leaders, leading for Radical Creativity in multidisciplinary ecosystems.


Photo: Otso Alasko, Aalto EE