Accelerate Finland: Open Call for Entries

Accelerate Finland: Open Call for Entries
Deadline 4 November, 2019


 Accelerate Finland is a call open to Finnish artists interested in carrying out artistic research inspired by the world of particle physics, in dialogue with scientists, engineers and staff, during an artistic residency of one month at CERN, the European Laboratory of Particle Physics in Geneva (Switzerland).

The main goal of the Accelerate programme is to foster artistic investigation in connection with scientific research and fundamental physics. By launching an open competition, Arts at CERN, in Geneva, in partnership with the Finnish organisation Capsula, is offering an individual artist or collective the opportunity of a one-month research residency at one of the world’s largest particle physics laboratories, CERN.

CERN is the birthplace of the World Wide Web, as well as the home of the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful particle physics accelerator, which aims to expand our knowledge of the origins of the universe. CERN is a highly regarded centre for advanced science, as well as an institution at the cutting edge of contemporary culture. As one of the world’s leading research laboratories, CERN offers the perfect stimulating environment in which to host and inspire innovative artistic expression.

2. Open Call for Entries

Accelerate Finland is specially designed for an artist or an artistic collective interested in physics and art. It is intended to stimulate the development of an imaginative project by the artist, inspired by the high-level research into particle physics, engineering and IT technology undertaken at CERN.

2.1. Eligibility

- Applicants who are Finnish nationals or permanent residents in Finland.
- Both emerging and established artists.
- Fluency in English, which is one of CERN’s two official languages.
- Interest in engaging in artistic research.

2.2 Criteria of the call

The artist must submit a proposal for a project to develop an idea based on artistic research and interaction with the lab. A jury of experts will review all proposals received and select one. Its criteria will include:

-  Originality and pertinence of the research project with respect to the science and engineering at CERN, as well as any other aspect involving interaction with the lab’s community.
-  Engagement with key topics of contemporary science and its cultural relevance.
-  Ambitious creative standards and innovation of forms and languages.
-  Engagement with new approaches for dialogue between art and science.
-  The feasibility of the project and its development within CERN’s environment overduring a period of one month.

2.3 Conditions of the residency

Accelerate Finland is a residency award that offers the following financial support:

-  A research and production grant of 5,000 CHF.
-  A limited budget to cover travel to Geneva and accommodation and subsistence costs for one month, which is managed by the CERN administration.
-  In the case of a group application, the same resources, including accommodation and subsistence costs, will be shared by a maximum of three members. One member shall be named as the group’s representative.
-  The exact dates of the residency are to be determined between the beneficiary and Arts at CERN. The residency is expected to take place during 2020.

3. Submission of applications

Artists interested in applying must complete an online form that includes:

-  Name, address and contact details. If a group is applying, one member should act as its representative.
-  A personal statement in the form of a video in which the artist describes his or her motivations for applying for the residency at CERN (4 minutes maximum, can be recorded using any type of camera);
-  A CV and a sample portfolio of past projects relevant to the proposal;
-  A description of a potential artistic project to be developed at CERN (general description of the proposal, time frame for development stages and project completion).

Application to be submitted in English via the online form:

The deadline for applications is 4 November, 2019.

4. Jury and selection process

The jury comprising cultural experts and scientists will review all projects received in November 2019. The jury’s decision will be announced in January 2020 by Arts at CERN. Only the selected artist/s will be informed. The jury’s decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

5. Further information

Curator Ulla Taipale / Capsula

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