Aalto EE



First wave of internationalisation

The global business environment calls for increasingly expert and innovative thinkers. Aalto Executive Education is among the global leaders in executive education and leadership development. International benchmarking ranks it among the top 0.5% of business schools.

Aalto EE focuses on strategy, leadership, finance and marketing, with emphasis on the global business environment. Each year, Saastamoinen Foundation awards several grants to MBA students on the programme and promotes the internationalisation of leadership training by funding visiting professors and by supporting the activities of the international exchange programme, amongst other projects.

Leading international professors

Members of the teaching staff on Aalto EE’s research programmes are internationally renowned. The broad experience and passion for multidisciplinary research of Aalto University’s own and international professors and lecturers make them highly

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Foundation grants for MBA students

Studying on the MBA Programme opens up new perspectives and not only provides students with practical tools, but also gives them an insight and the self-confidence for future decision-making. The Foundation supports the development and

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Student exchanges open up the world

Students on an international student exchange study in the world’s best business schools, network with other students and power players in their own field, while learning about new cultures. Saastamoinen Foundation supports exchange studies by

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World-class international education programmes

Aalto EE’s international education programmes bring together theory and practice in a pioneering way. Many students later commend their experience as being both intensive and rewarding. Saastamoinen Foundation supports MBA students by providing

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Business and culture at the Aalto Executive Summit

Aalto University MBA programmes culminate each year in an event bringing together participants from different Aalto MBA countries. During the week-long event, participants have a unique opportunity to meet with top leaders and network with other

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