art - 5 April 2019

Pioneer of political and feminist art, Martha Rosler, to lecture in Helsinki in May

[image_1] Internationally distinguished political art pioneer Martha Rosler, who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, will arrive in Helsinki in May 2019 at the invitation of the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts and [...]

science - 4 April 2019

Helsinki Graduate School of Economics gets new professorship in data sciences

New professorship at the Aalto University School of Business made possible by joint 2.5 million euro donation from the Saastamoinen and Jenny and Antti Wihuri foundations [image_1]The Helsinki Graduate School of Economics (Helsinki GSE) works to [...]

art - 29 January 2019

Jonna Kina’s Arr. for a Scene uses the shower scene in Hitchcock’s Psycho to deconstruct cinema

Shot on 35 mm film, the five-minute work is a documentary portrait of two Foley artists recreating sound effects for the famous shower scene in Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960). The work investigates how sounds are produced for cinematic purposes and [...]

uncategorized - 21 December 2018

Nurses address the health impacts of climate change

How do nurses perceive the impacts of climate change in their work? Associate Professor Ruth McDermott-Levy has noticed that in Finland, many are surprised by this question. “People are aware of climate change, but few have given a thought to [...]

art - 27 November 2018

IHME’s new operating model unites art and research

Starting from 2020, IHME’s work will carry on, but in a new form. In our future operating model we will go over to supporting collaboration between experts in art and science even more than we do at present. The goals of this new departure are [...]

science - 22 October 2018

Here are the finalists of Skolar Award 2018!

[image_3]These wild postdoc researchers will pitch their ideas on the Slush stage on December 5th. Yang Bai, University of Oulu, Microelectronics Research Unit Yang Bai’s research idea aims to create a multi-functional material that can turn any [...]

uncategorized - 28 June 2018

Have a great summer!

Our office is closed from 2nd of July until 3rd of August. Photo: Tiina Itkonen, Agatannguaq, Savissivik, 2002 ©Saastamoinen Foundation

uncategorized - 11 June 2018

EMMA has been selected Finland’s Museum of the Year 2018

EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art was announced Museum of the Year at the annual meeting of the Finnish Museums Association held in Vaasa on 24 May 2018. Five other museums competed for the same prize: the Aine Art Museum in Tornio, the [...]