Builders of the Century Foundations coming together for the common good

Foundations coming together for the common good

At its autumn meeting in 2014, the Council of Finnish Foundations (COFF) decided to make a joint gift to Finland to celebrate the centenary of the country’s independence. Working through the Builders of the Century Project, the foundations aim to engage the Finnish public and to support society in an enduring, effective way.

The Builders of the Century Challenge Competition is a call for ingenious ideas and solutions intended to improve young people’s wellbeing and enable them to participate more fully in society.

Saastamoinen Foundation is one of about forty Finnish foundations and trusts involved in the project. Their shared goal is to offer young people a better future.

Proposals submitted to the Challenge Competition can relate to any aspect of a young person’s life, such as education, skills, employment, family, leisure, social relationships or life management. Projects can be connected to the domains of research, art and culture. The Foundation’s support and ability to bring diverse parties, experts and sectors together is intended to lead to the creation of new unique activities that significantly improve young people’s wellbeing and engagement with society.

Join in the challenge

Enter the competition by submitting a description of your idea and its intended effect on the application form provided on the competition website. Entries must be submitted by 1 February 2017. The jury will select 10-15 teams who will participate in an intensive six-month phase during which leading experts will help the teams develop their ideas further.

The challenge is open to everyone: private individuals, groups, organisations, companies and municipalities. The challenge is to find effective ideas for improving society that involve collaboration between different actors and sectors, and new approaches with nationwide relevance.

Experts will select the winner or winners of the challenge. The number of winners and the final amount of financial aid to be provided has not been fixed in advance, but will depend on the ideas generated by the competition. An exceptionally good idea could result in financial backing of millions of euros.

Builders of the Century application clinics will be held throughout the winter. These will take place on 22 November, 8 December and 18 January. The clinics will provide more information about the competition and will offer a chance to ask more detailed questions. They will also help with the application process and enable participants to find additional members for their teams. More information about the clinics and how to register for them is available on the Builders of the Century website.

See also: Builders of the Century. You can also find further information by following the competition on social media at:

Photo: ©Council of Finnish Foundations